Version History

Version 9.6.5
Added normal char order for numbers is selected Right-to-Left mode
Fixed storing keyboard shortcuts in profiles
Added new skins
Some fixes

Version 9.6.4
Added support for global keyboard shortcuts
Added command for moving window on top/bottom/activate from keyboard shortcuts
Added maximize/restore commands from keyboard shortcuts
Changed EXE packer. This is allow to fix Win10 problem in Windows Defender with Mandatory ASLR
Some fixes

Version 9.6.3
Fixed text search if book opened at start position
Disabled moving books from main library if using command line switch /BOOKS_PATH=
Updated help
Some fixes

Version 9.6.2
Added skipping import to library duplicates of the books
Added possibility to change color of the text on main toolbar
Added possibility to change color of position and color of time on main toolbar
Some fixes

Version 9.6.1
Added colors edit dialogs into text colorizing section
Fixed bug with large negative kerning
Fixed bug with wrong text cursor position on navigation bar if text was modified
Added 19 skins in skinpack
Some fixes

  Version 9.6
Added possibility to colorize a text using text masks
Added possibility to use text mask with extended regular expressions
Added preview showing in real time how the mask work
Added instant validation of regular expressions during the user input
Fixed empty Author field in Libarary
Updated help file. Added colorizing text section
Some fixes

  Version 9.5.4
Added custom duplicates search in library. You can create your own rules for searching and selecting duplicates of the books
Added selecting first or last custom duplicates
Added posibility to delete installed languages
Added importing series name and number from a books
Added clearing textual fields if to click to field caption
Added removing any HTML syntax elements, like  , from any text fields
Fixed importing some FB2 books using tags <style>
Fixed updating quick edit fields after importing books
Fixed book series sorting
Fixed book series editing for series without number
Updated skin pack
Some fixes

  Version 9.5.3
Added automatically recognition and import of most popular speech dictionaries formats
Added reading speech dictionaries using UTF-8 codepage
Added exporting speech dictionary to external file
Added possibility to delete skins
Restore position and size of file import window
Restore size of columns inside file import window
Some small fixes

  Version 9.5.2
Added possibility to choose scroll engine
Added economy mode scrooling. This is mode give less CPU utilization especially with super scrolling
Fixed variable speed mode in jump mode
Fixed navigation panel with fade or wave text movement
Fixed import images from ePub, chm, lit books when internal file system in ebook use wrong file extension of image file
Fixed color selection for selected books in library if lost focus
Fixed selecting old/new duplicates in Library
Fixed import images from RTF/DOC/DOCX files
Some small fixes

Version 9.5.1
Added new Wave Jump mode. It's combine together wave scrolling and page down mode
Now sorting in library numbers in text as numbers
Fixed import damaged books or binary files as book
Some small fixes

Version 9.5.0
Added new JUMP mode. It's combine together scrolling and page down mode. It creates a minimum load on the CPU. It shows the text still. However, the text is shifted without losing the current reading position.
Added posibility to control skipping frames during scrolling if speed exceed limit.
Increased scroll speed limit from 500 to 5000 lines per second.
Some small fixes

Version 9.4.6
Added search history for simple search in library
Added saving import log to file
Added .ibk import from command line
Added new skins in skin pack
Fixed command line support
Fixed importing images in some ePub books
Some small fixes

Version 9.4.5
Added import read positon from library
Added possibility to search book from read position file
Added command line support for reading position file
Added "Save File Position" in main popup menu
Now Ctrl-mouse wheel change font size
Fixed bug related with incorrect TeamViewer QuickConnect button integration
Fixed Shift-Cursor books settings in Library
Some small fixes

Version 9.4.4
Added export and import current read position to XML file
Fixed disconnection MyHomeLib libraries
Some small fixes

Version 9.4.3
Now manual text moving by mouse is possible to undo
Added new mouse movements modes for devices with touch screen
Added new skins, updated skin pack
Some small fixes

Version 9.4.2
Added possibility to scale panel of options. It's usefull for high resolution displays
Some fixes allowed to press small buttons using touch screen
Some small fixes

Version 9.4.1
Added files associations for popular e-book formats (fb2, epub, lit, pdb, prc, tcr)
Added differential editor for editing book category or author. It's allow to add or delete category to groups of books without modification already assigned categories.
Fixed chapter parsing for ePub files. Removed book title repeated on every page
Some small fixes

Version 9.4
Added touch panel for support computers with touch screen
New touch panel allow user to make new buttons with any functions
New touch panel fully resizable. It's easy to make buttons with any size.
New touch panel use hyper text engine. You can change any text attributes, styles, formating inside the buttons.
Added possiblity to switch font in bookmark/chapters editor
Some small fixes

Version 9.3.1
Added new Audio File Split Mode - Split by Chapters
Fixed SAPI5 speech freeze for empty paragraph
Some small fixes

Version 9.3.0
Added new read mode - cursor mode
Added support for cursor mode constant speed and variable speed. Constant speed mean the same speed, regardless of the number of letters in the word.
Added support for MetaFile pictures insde the books
Fixed support for unsupported graphics formats inside the books
Fixed processing symbol "hard space" for some old speech engines
Some small fixes

Version 9.2.0
Now ICE Reader do text conversion without using build-in Windows codepages
Added support for multiple well-known, but not supported by Windows codepages. It's especially important for Asian languages
Updated all language modules
Fixed Asian languages recognition. Now ICE Reader more accurate recognizes text using Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages
Fixed html tag &# parsing
Fixed status bar text clipping in library
Fixed focus jump to last book after import
Some small fixes

Version 9.1.0
Added file import from command line.
Example: ICEReader.exe /import="D:\Books\Sample Book.rtf"
Added inter-application connection, allowing to import file from command line without starting new copy ICE Reader, if ICE Reader is already running
Fixed restoring original book file extension
Some fixes

Version 9.0.9b
Added automatic speed adjustment depending of image size
Added individual speed control for images
Fixed export the original book with size larger than 1MB
Some fixes

Version 9.0.9a
Added support to import from nested archives
Some fixes

Version 9.0.9
Added possibility to store original of the book inside .IBK file
Added possibility to export original of the book
Added new data column - "Original". It's show exist or not original book inside .IBK file.
Fixed font name settings for book skins
Some fixes

Version 9.0.8a
Some fixes

Version 9.0.8
Added smart-hint mode. Now, the hints in the options panel will indicate when you try to change the settings for inactive mode.
Added a buttons toolbar customization
Added possibility to add "Back" button in toolbar. Specially for tablet PC
Changed the font size for the bookmarks in accordance with the selected font in the library and reader
Mouse click on ICE Reader tray icon turn on or turn off clipboard monitoring
Fixed high quality skin resize
Added new font settings for scroll mode skins
Added to skin pack 3 new skins for book mode and 6 new skins for scroll mode. Updated old scroll mode skins
A lot of small fixes

Version 9.0.7
Added high quality image re-sampler for images
Added high quality image re-sampler for video export
Added reset of read time for books in library
Fixed bug with instability for systems with medium or high font size settings
Updated skin pack. Added new skins
A lot of small fixes

Version 9.0.6
Added support for images and styles for video export
Added support for CSS styles inside ePub or LIT books
Added option for switching 12/24 clock time format
Added posibility to show book author/title in video export mode
Some small fixes

Version 9.0.5
Added possbility open MyHomeLib libraries including automatical books import
Fixed font clipping in book mode for italic fonts
Some small fixes

Version 9.0.4c
Fixed jerk then scrolling start

Version 9.0.4b
Fixed import RTF files generated by MS Word 2007-2010
Fixed scroll stop then focus lost
Some small fixes

Version 9.0.4a
Added selection for dublicates in library
Added simple search in library
Fixed scroll stop then focus lost
Fixed hide toolbar mode
A lot of small fixes

Version 9.0.4
Added multi-monitor teleprompter with synchronous text on both monitors
Added independent mirroring settings for each of the monitors
Added ability to skip frames. while scrolling on slow computers
Fixed export to WAV/MP3 for SAPI4 speech engines
Fixed import LIT books with wrong LIT file manifest
A lot of small fixes

Version 9.0.3d
A lot of small fixes

Version 9.0.3a
Added append to clipboard
Added posibility to delete recent library or index from recent list
Disabled clipboard monitoring by default
Restored selecting text in scroll mode with skins
A lot of small fixes

Version 9.0.3
Added skin support for any scroll modes
Added support for importing document with pictures from clipboard
Added clipboard monitoring
Updated skin pack. Added new skins for scroll modes
A lot of small fixes

Version 9.0.2a
Fixed wrong settings for page margins

Version 9.0.2
Added full support for ePub format
Added posibility to disable styles
Added image upscale for small images
Enabled style editing in internal text editor
Added possibility to make visual paragraph split
Added book image editor
Added gauge on toolbar for speed mode

Removed limitation for page margins
A lot of small fixes

Version 9.0.1b
Some bug fixes

Version 9.0.1a
Added new speed control for mouse wheel

Some bug fixes

Version 9.0.1
Added function moving cursor to previsous position

Some small fixes

Version 9.0.0
Added support for text styles, links and images

Added fully automatical codepage and language recognition
Added list of chapters for fast navigation
A lot of small fixes

Version 8.10.2
Video export now create JPG files instead of JPEG files before. Some DVD player do not support JPEG extention.

Decreased minimum resolution of video files to 160x120
Added possibility to export book directly to JAR applets for mobile phones using Shasoft eBook
Added button copying skins to skin directory
Added possibility to work on systems (ASUS EEE or symilar) with very low screen resolution, less than 640x480
Fixed WAV/MP3 export for some buggy speech engines, like Acapela engines. For this is engines need to use only asyncronious mode.
Some small fixes

Version 8.10
Added possibility to change visible toolbar information: author, title, etc.

Added shortcut for speech dictionary
Fixed export WAV/MP3
Fixed import RTF footnotes
Some small fixes

Version 8.9.2
Added instant stop while ICE Reader speak

Added preventing resetting speak position after stop
Added command line parameter /NoScanLib
Fixed author list in book editor
Fixed exception if toolbar hide then application moved in tray
Fixed moving books in Vista mode if use command line parameter /books_path
Fixed storing cursor position in library after ICE Reader re-start
Updated memory manager
Some small fixes

Version 8.9.1
Added series visualisation in reader toolbar

Moved skins and speech dictionaries to "All users" section in Vista mode
Fixed tracking position in library after deleting some books
Fixed register normalization for complex surname
Fixed adding duplicates bookmarks
Fixed large font support for library statusbar
Fixed auto-switch author/category if there are multiple authors or categories
Fixed auto open previous file import directory
Some small fixes

Version 8.9
Added full Vista compatibility

Added compatibility with Microsoft Office 2007
Added compatibility with Open Office
Added new portable installation mode
Some small fixes

Version 8.8
Added export list of files in library to HTML

Added possibility to show in speech mode word or sentence pronounced
Added possibility to store exporting images in separated directories. Some DVD players support slideshow only for limited images per directory. Usualy not more than 200.
Added possibility to scale time (repeat every frame multiple times) in AVI export. It's allow to make automatical slideshow.
Added book autosave if ICE Reader minimized
Fixed color correction for video export
Fixed import some HTML/LIT files with wrong syntax
Fixed tracking current cursor position in library
Fixed speech dictionary processing
Some small fixes

Version 8.7.2
Added possibility to create video books as AVI files

Added command line switch /SAPI4_OLD using alternative way for access at SAPI4 interface
Now ICE Reader use system temporary directory
Fixed WAV/MP3 recoding in 8-bit mode instead of 16-bits mode
Some small fixes

Version 8.7.1
Added possibility to define constant page size

Added shotrcuts for increasing and decreasing font size
Fixed "Invalid argument to date encode" if there is file with wrong date/time
Fixed freeze if try to close then SAPI4 engine still speaking
Fixed find in library
Some small fixes

Version 8.7
Added export books to image sequence. May be usefull for making DVD books for reading as slideshow.
Added support for export image sequence using any book settings, like book view, font antialias, etc.

Added support for Plucker PDB files
Re-created list of books in library. Greatly reduced delays if there are more than 5000 books
Added possibility to move manually column order in library using column drag and drop
Added possibility to store in library database book preview. You can see first lines of book without opening it.
Added possibility to mount/unmount dynamically external library in read only mode as collection
Added possibility to mount/unmount dynamically library database (global.cfg or similar files) as collection
Added recent lists of external libraries and databases
Added new book field - Collection
Added export set of books to library database (similar with global.cfg)
Added automatical book copy from extern library if you try to open book for reading
Added possibility to copy selected books from selected external library to the main library
Added possibility to copy selected books from specified collection to any directory
Added automatical database generation if you copy books. This is greatly reduce mount time this is books as external library
Added new tree group items - Collections
Added new tree items - difference and duplicates with selected collection. This is allow compare books in main collection with any external collections
Added import <annotation> tag from FB2 books to comments
Added possibility to change sort mode for duplicates and duplicated name
Added possibility to show notebook battery status on reader toolbar
Added new alarm based on notebook battery status
Now is possible to change reaction of right and middle mouse buttons in library
Now book preview use the same font as all library controls
Re-arranged list of shortcuts
Increased limit for super scroll mode from 100 LPS (lines per second) up to 500 LPS
Fixed WAV/MP3 files splitting
Fixed FB2 author/title recognition
A lot of small fixes

Version 8.6
Added possibility to change register case for author/title/... for multiple books
Added new categories in library: read books and not read books
Added automatical bitrate/frequency selection for WAV/MP3 export
Added possibility to shutdown Windows after finish WAV/MP3 export
Added shortcuts (Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2, ..., Alt-1, Alt-2, ...) for edit book info form
Added possibility to open next book for editing automaticaly in edit book info form
Improved author recognition for CHM files
Fixed changing font color if text edit activated
Fixed failing initialisation of some speech engines, like L&H TTS3000
Fixed zero MP3 file size after export to MP3 on some computers
Fixed showing zero percent if text was edited
Fixed author combobox drop list
Some small fixes

Version 8.5.1
Fixed changing font size in reader if text edit activated
Fixed popup menu color selection

Version 8.5
Added possibility to assign shortcut to any profile. You can create any new functions in the profile and assign it to any keyboard shortcut, like change fonts, font size, colors, speed or anything else
Added support for complex shortcuts: allow to use any Shift, Ctrl, Alt key combinations
Added possibility to change/assign shortcuts for almost any menu item in reader and library
Added profiles controlling speech engines
Added possibility to save book without closing it
Added possibility to hide ToolBar permanently
Added manual wave scroll mode
Added support manual wave scrolling for book view mode
Added options, allow disabling monitoring loss of the focus. This is allow to speak minimized or using together with command line switch /multi to start simultaneously scroll of the multiple books
Added new memory manager. This is allow ICE Reader to prevent error message "Not enough RAM", if use very large library (more than 20000 books)
Added possiblity to change visual format of the author with surname on the author tree
Added support for sort hyphenation in RTF files
Added new field in library - date of the last modification of the book tags made by user
Added new field in library - total time spend for reading a book
Added new tree item - show list of books where were made last modifications of the book tags
Added controlling SAPI4 engine initialisation. It's allow to prevent system hang if some speech engine fail
Improved MS Word/RTF format recognition
Now for text editing will use the same font as used in reader
Now Escape close program windows everywhere
Fixed marking selected text in edit form
Fixed surname detection
Fixed list of authors in combobox
A lot of small fixes

Version 8.4
Greatly decreased startup/close time for large library
Now author with surname marked as bold
Added selecting text, selected for editing
Added hyphenation support for speech mode and export to WAV/MP3 modes
Added possibility to reset surname for group of the books
Added possibility to change compression for group of the books
After changing book compression all text modification become permanent
Added possibility to rename files for group of the books
Added possibility to change initial read position (percent) for group of the books
Added new rules for creating book and export filenames
Now category in tree include all sub-categories
Fixed surname recognition
Fixed reaction on TAB key in the main window
Fixed editing marked lines
A lot of small fixes

Version 8.3.1
Greatly improved surname recognition
Fixed bug with appear duplicates of authors on the tree
Some small fixes

Version 8.3
Added support for surname of authors
Added automatical language independed surname detection
Added auto normalisation of author name. Now author name always start from surname
Added auto register normalisation for author names, if surname is detected
Added auto update files without surname if new surname is entered
Added blocking auto update files without surname if the same surname appear as name
Added manual surname edition (symbol & at beginning surname words)
Added possibility to change font in the library
Added different colors for treeview
Added possibility to speak pronunce before adding to dictionary
Added new command line switch /MULTI allowing to start multiple instance ICE Reader
Fixed compatibility with some speak engines
Fixed restoring speech engine settings
Fixed find if book has beed edited
Fixed editing books with more than 32768 lines
Fixed removing hyphenations
Fixed import from CHM files created by CHMBookCreator
Fixed import from RTF files
A lot of small fixes

Version 8.2
Added possibility to edit ICE Reader books
Added possibility to edit text coloring
Added editor for pronunciation dictionaries
Added MS Word document detection by file content
Added possibility to delete books to recycle bin
Added possibility to close book in the reader
Added possibility to change dictionary order
Changed image up-scale algorithm (skin resize)
Fixed list of the active dictionaries
Fixed bug appear if shutdown Windows and ICE Reader is minimized
Fixed stop text reading on minimize
A lot of small fixes

Version 8.1.1
Fixed export to WAV/MP3
Fixed library and export filename processing
Some small fixes

Version 8.1
Added MP3 book creation function
MP3 book creation not need to store temporary multi megabytes WAV files before MP3 encoding
Due to using multithread engine ICE Reader provide fastest way for creating MP3 books. Multiple SAPI engines can "talk" simultaneously, decreasing creation time of MP3 books
Added automatical MP3 file splitting. Is possible to do time split or paragraph split
Added support of pronunciation dictionaries including patterns search
ICE Reader allow process huge pronunciation dictionaries (millions of words) without visible delays
Added possibility to apply more than one pronunciation dictionaries at specified order
Allowed to speech then ICE Reader is minimized
Added preventing to go to suspend under WinXP SP2 during scrolling
Fixed speech mode for some old SAPI4 engines (Digalo)
A lot of small fixes

Version 8.0
Now ICE Reader is TTS application. Added full support for SAPI4 and SAPI5. Of course full Unicode support.
Added new fade text mode for both scroll and book modes
Re-designed panel of options
New installer
Added possibility to rotate Author/Title text in edit dialog
Added possibility to apply rotate/register change only for selected text
Added rules for creating books filenames or export filenames: transliteration, limit of filename length, do not use spaces
Added selecting text witch has been found
Now transfer ICE Reader with library to another computer do not cause full reindex of the library
Fixed exporting files in Win format
Fixed using category tag %C in filenames
Fixed scroll jerking under double CPU systems
Fixed splitting to words groups of not textual letters
A lot of small fixes