What is ICE Encrypt ?

ICE Encrypt is a simple files/folder encrypting program. ICE Encrypt uses for encryption algorithm of the new generation - ICESafe. This is symmetric algorithm of encryption outperform all known symmetric block algorithms (DES, AES, BlowFish, GOST, ...):

1. The size of a key for encryption / decryption always is about 1 million bits

2. The size of the block is a true variable. It can has any length like: 64 bit, 72 bit, 80 bit, ..., 128 bit, 1024 bit, 2097152 bit, ... up to 17179869184 bits.

3. Theoretically is NOT impossible to create faster block algorithm.

4. Brute force attack against ICESafe is not effective. It's difficult to crack key with size 1 million bits.

5. Easy to implement in hardware.

6. It is possible to make very fast parallel encryption / decryption.

7. Is easy to use ICESafe for making hash or CRC.

8. ICESafe is a very simple and clear algorithm.


ICE Encrypt is always use block size equal to file size !!! Try to imagine it with algroithm like AES and try to predict required time for encrypting what block.

Just try to encrypt file with size 1 MB or more and you can understand how is fast ICESafe.

Due to block size always equal to file size, do not recommend to encrypt very large files. Do not recommended to encrypt files larger than 50% of the free physical memory.

So, the main task for ICE Encrypt is a protecting not very big, but very important files for you.


Download ICE Encrypt