What is ICE ECC ?

ICE ECC is a file verification and repair tool. ICE ECC allows you to protect your important files and sensitive data against digital corruption using Reed-Solomon codes.

Did you know that a typical CD-R/DVD-R disk can hold its data intact for only a few years? ICE ECC is the perfect solution to this problem - before you store your data, protect it against corruption with ICE ECC.

ICE ECC is easy to use. To protect a file against corruption, just select the file/files/directories with the program by navigating the explorer-style window and click Create. This creates recovery file/files of the original files. You can easily control the size and number of the recovery files.

When you want to verify whether the file has been modified or if the data in it has been corrupted, just select the appropriate .ecc file and click Verify. ICE ECC will then do a full analysis of the file and let you know if it has been corrupted, in that case ICE ECC will automatically recover it for you.

ICE ECC offers these new techniques for the protection of your files:

1. ICE ECC supports not only file/files. It works with directories too. You can easily protect a whole CD-R or DVD-R disk or any files or folders from digital corruption.

2. Reed-Solomon codes require a lot of CPU power for calculation purposes. ICE ECC provides the fastest implementation of Reed-Solomon codes in the world.

3. ICE ECC is a native Unicode application. That means that any filename is supported.

4. There is no limitation on the number or size of protected files or directories.

5. ICE ECC uses the distributed mechanism of storing recovery information. Recovery is possible even if files with recovery information are heavily corrupted.

6. ICE ECC uses special compression techniques for storing catalogs of files. It provides the minimal size of recovery files even for large file collections.

7. ICE ECC may not only recover damaged files. It can recover lost files, if the size of these files are less than the size of all valid .ecc files.

8. ICE ECC uses an algorithm that will allow it to find shifted data regardless of the distance by which it has been shifted and will work with any block size. Both .ecc files and data files are immune to shift.

9. ICE ECC support queues for any operations.

10. ICE ECC support multi core CPU or multiple CPU systems.

11. There is full command line support in ICE ECC. Command line commands add automatically to queue and execute asynchronous.

There are some similar programs: PAR2, QuickPar, etc. But ICE ECC outperforms them all and not only due to the fact that ICE ECC can work with directories. See some test results:

Test A
CPU - AMD Athlon X2
45 files - 627 225 428 bytes - 1024 blocks - 256 recovery blocks

  Create Create + Fast Test
PAR2 07:27  
QuickPar   03:14
ICE ECC - 1 CPU mode 02:51 02:58
ICE ECC - 2 CPU mode 02:30 02:37

Test B
CPU - AMD Athlon X2
6571 files - 616 439 775 bytes - 1024 blocks - 256 recovery blocks

  Create Create + Fast Test
PAR2 Failed: Block count is too small
QuickPar Failed: Too many files selected
ICE ECC - 2 CPU mode 02:27 02:38

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