What is ICE Color ?

ICE Color is specifically designed for Image Enhancement and Color Correction of digital camera or scanned photo images. This is the first color corrector is allow to do any color modification in one step using "Technology of Color Space Warping". ICE Color can to make good color conversion when any other program could not do it.

ICE Color can:

to make color correction by simply selecting a color/colors to be changed then selecting a reference color/colors to correct it

to create own rule of every color conversion separately

to make all color/level/gamma corrections in one step

to make any color correction without using filter mask

to make levels and gamma correction automatically or manually with or without simultaneous color correction

to make ultra fast preview

to use different color models: RGB, HSB, HLS, HWB, HSI, XYZ, LAB, LCH and UCS

So both a child and a grown-up can use ICE Color.

Download ICE Color