Example 4

Source photo was created by web camera. You can see what quality of this is picture terrible. Moreover, this is very noisy picture.

Source photo:

Here is shown result of work Auto Level Adjust from Adobe Photoshop v6.0:

First attempt to correct photo. Using Color Space Warping for one color. Correction apply for color of the skin.

Picture is become too red. Need to fix it:

Due to picture is become more contrast, blue noise is become visible at left lower corner. For removing this is noise need to remove pure blue from the picture. Also it would be nice to make picture is more contrast using level adjustment. No problem, Color ICE can do all this is correction in one step:

Comment: Here is shown some steps of editing. But this is steps ALWAYS USED ONLY SOURCE PICTURE. Only step by step become more complex description of Color Space Warping. It's mean, what quantization errors, bound errors do not collect during picture editing. This allow to create high quality pictures.