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Error Code - 0204
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Nil Einne

Joined: 22 Jul 2010
Posts: 1

PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:44 pm    Post subject: Some advice Reply with quote

I actually hit this error over a month ago although in somewhat of the opposite situation, well my block size was very small relatively. But eventually managed to do what I wanted and was planning to write what I found out then completely forgot about it. I was doing something with ICE ECC decided to check for new version then came to the forums and remembered. Of course I had also largely forgotten what I had found out from my testing so had to do testing again.

Anyway I have a computer running Windows Vista x64 with 4GiB of RAM. Since ICE ECC is not large address aware, only 2GiB is available to it.

I was able to create 33.9% redundancy or 11108 blocks for about 27GiB data ending up with 9.19GiB of ECC. My block size was small under 900KiB IIRC as I used the highest possible source block count (i.e. 32Ki) but I wanted that. It took about 40 hours to create BTW Razz

It seems there are some things to watch out for when you use very large source block count like that.

The first key thing to understand which has been somewhat suggested now but wasn't so much at the time (it was around June 13 I was doing this so before the latest posts) is you want to reduce memory usage. Even if you have you think more then enough memory and few things running.

It helps if you watch task manager or something else to see the memory allocation. The author could explain better I presume but a certain amount of memory is used as some sort of cache that is outside the allocation and depends on the number of blocks (i.e. redundancy) and source block count. This doesn't seem to vary depending on data size (well perhaps very small data sizes I only tried several GiB to 27). If you watch the memory allocation you will see it goes up slowly until it reaches a threshold, then stops for a while (then increases again by a large amount).

As I've said, the first allocation is unrelated to the limit you set. I think it's (part of?) the results of the matrix calculation which is needed by the program. And at my very high 32Ki source block count and with 33.9% redundancy this is about 700MiB. It may be source block count*number of recovery blocks*2 bytes? If I increase to 55.5% redundancy (~18000 blocks) it's about 1.1GiB (which while I didn't create but I tried for a short time and it seemed to be fine if I reduced memory usage enough).

It goes down quickly if you reduce the source block count. E.g. if it's ~7000 (i.e. with my data you increase block size to ~4MiB) reduces it so much that it's barely noticable (like 50MiB with 11108 blocks). Remember of course you can't use too high block size for the reasons the author has described and in fact if you do you may need to increase memory allocation!

The second allocation is the limit you set. But this means if you told it to use 1GiB it's now trying to use 2.1GiB if it was already using 1.1GiB for the matrix cache which is impossible no matter how much memory you have since the program isn't large address aware.

In my case I ended up using 888MiB or a total of about 1.5GiB. I could actually use more about 1200MiB or so but considering it was going to take about 50 hours I didn't want to use too much memory.

Hope this helps, cheers
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ICE Graphics
Site Admin

Joined: 31 Mar 2003
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, 2010 7:03 pm    Post subject: Re: Some advice Reply with quote

The solution will be. Do not forget, ICE ECC is FreeWare. This is not a priority project.
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